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Cancer treatment becomes precision medical future largest market traditional model will be changed-Hangzhou Shenke Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd
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    Cancer treatment becomes precision medical future largest market traditional model will be changed
    Time:2017-12-15 09:46:34    Page view (689)

    Just as no pair of shoes can satisfy everyone's feet, a kind of medicine can't apply to everyone. Empirical drug use and monotonous drug use will be gradually broken in the future, instead of individualized medication. It is time that precision medical treatment begins to move into people's vision.
    Currently in the clinical field, accurate medical has been involved in noninvasive prenatal, assisted reproductive, single gene disease, screening and individualized treatment of tumors, neonatal hereditary cancer screening, screening for cardiovascular disease, blood disease screening, the tumor treatment industry was seen as the biggest market in the future.
    Traditional medication patterns will be changed
    For precision medicine, the industry has a variety of views. According to the Boston children's Hospital Affiliated to Medical College of Harvard University professor Wu Bailin introduced in genomic medicine from, by means of gene and molecular level using genomic and group derived studies (proteomics, metabolomics, genomics) to diagnose the cause or cure target detection, which was "stereotyped the treatment may become effective treatment for the individual causes.
    "One thousand people" not only bring trouble to patients, will cause the waste of resources, through individual genetic testing can save the medical cost, has become the industry consensus. The market predicts that the global precision medical market will be nearly 60 billion dollars in 2015. The growth rate in the next five years is estimated to be 15%, which is 3-4 times the overall growth rate of the pharmaceutical industry. The growth of the gene sequencing industry will exceed 20%.
    At present, the United States is in the first echelon of precision medical treatment in the world. At the beginning of this year, Obama put it up as a national strategy, proposing to invest 215 million US dollars in the 2016 fiscal year to promote the development of precision medical care.
    At the same time, domestic policies are also in constant exploration. In July this year, the State Health Planning Commission issued a "technical guidelines for drug testing of metabolic enzymes and drug target genes (Trial)" and "individualized treatment guidelines (Trial)" detection technology, is interpreted as the market for government signals carried out substantial gene detection and precise medical gate. In the "individualized treatment guidelines (Trial)" detection technology, the Department in charge of re affirmed through detection of biological biomarkers in tumor samples from patients with SNP gene mutation, gene type, expression of gene and protein to predict efficacy and prognosis of clinical drug evaluation, individualized treatment guidance, gene detection in patients with cancer before the doctor guidance and recommended medication.
    "In the future, the treatment of cancer must start with accurate calculation, and then have a precise diagnosis. Finally, it will bring us a precise therapeutic effect. Shanghai pharmatechs Co., senior vice president Mao Mao given pre judgment.
    As the guide to the drafting of Central South University professor Zhang Wei said one of the people, not only for the precise medical diseases, but also can be applied to health prevention: such as pharmacogenomics, which uses the correct dose at the right time, in addition to disease prediction, prenatal diagnosis, neonatal gene detection. In the future, the detection device may be portable as a small blood glucose meter, but it will take a while now.

    Precision medical treatment has been inject large funds
    From the perspective of drug research and development, the ideal precision medical treatment is to achieve the personalized treatment based on patient's personal genome information, grasp the personalized difference of treatment effect or toxic side effects, and make the most suitable treatment for each patient. With the improvement of sequencing technology and the ability to analyze large data, the number of companies involved in precision medical treatment has increased.
    Thought Di medical science and technology group was registered in Shanghai in 2010, the company is focused on three major areas of accurate prevention of cancer, precise treatment of cancer and new drug research and development. It is understood that, in support of hundreds of millions of funds in the previous three rounds, we have established a unique large-scale primary cancer cell development platform and humanized tumor animal model platform. Among them, the hepatobiliary system tumor preclinical drug development platform has been built. Now, 3 preclinical compounds have been selected. They will enter clinical trials in the next one to two years.
    At present, 2000 known and potential gene targets have been found in cancer genome. Hundreds of tumor driven genes have been identified, but the development of target drugs is not many. Not long ago, he got the fourth round of financing ideas. Di has the business mode of precise medical treatment, that is, relying on big data to expand cancer prevention, diagnosis and new drug development business, and make a closed loop for tumor prevention and diagnosis to new drug development.  The advantage of closed loop lies in the close relationship between links. The development of new drugs guided by the reverse thinking of patient genome data will greatly improve the success rate and reduce the risk of development. Dr. Gong Zhaolong, a senior new drug review officer at the former FDA drug review center, and Dr. Gong Zhaolong of thought Di Group CEO are explained.
    According to media reports, thinking Di founder Dr. Xiong Lei disclosed to the outside world, is the purpose of financing a number of tumor prevention business promotion, accelerate the precision landing precision business layout, promote national treatment has accurate preclinical drug development and clinical application, increase the data construction efforts. It can be seen that the idea is to take a lot of fighting methods from the fields of prevention, diagnosis and new medicine.
    In addition, the introduction of the ideas Dibben round of financing. So far as the strategic investment institutions only one from the pharmaceutical field, Tasly is more sent a senior investment adviser as director of di ideas. Therefore, the future of the two sides to achieve strategic cooperation, the joint completion of precision drug research and development and drug marketing, or not just stay on the speculation.
    Many problems behind the bustle
    Obama's concept of precision medicine is relatively calm in the US, but China is showing a hot scene, which is everywhere in every corner. Even township hospitals have called for precise medical treatment. The center of precision medicine is also set up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. He is a member of genetic biologist and academician of academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences. He recently poured some cool water for the current hot precision medical treatment in Shanghai's recent International Symposium on precision medicine and future health.
    He Lin pointed out that accurate medical treatment should not be used and should not be abused, how to make medication model from empirical drugs (A, B, B do not, and then C... To make a steady transition to personalized medicine (for A, B and C), we need to think in practice instead of investing in "big leap forward" so as to contribute to health.
    Wu Bailin said that precision medicine brings development opportunities to genetic testing and genetic counseling, but not all projects are bigger and bigger. The better, bigger, medium and small-sized people are needed, and they can win the recognition of the common people and the market. If a test report has a lot of data, looks beautiful and has no practical value, it still doesn't solve the problem for doctors and patients.

    Shanghai 100 proud Polytron Technologies Inc chairman Zhu Bin said, the contents of the report should meet the clinical needs, but because there is no uniform standard, different agencies after the test report of the time, content range, influence of doctors and patients the treatment time and the case to a certain extent, even doctors ask how to use these data.
    In addition, the reporter found in the interview, the precision medical treatment, the market still exists some products price is not high and low, exaggerated effect, blogger eyeball and other disorder.
    Academician of the Academy of engineering of Central South University, Chinese clinical pharmacology research institute director Zhou Honghao said, although the capital into a helping hand, to promote the development of accurate medical industry, but in the process of growing up to calm and self stick, in order to make the healthy development of the Huimin project.
    Recently, China's individualized drug use - precision medical science industry alliance came into being. Many experts believe that there is still much work to be done in precision medicine, so as to find more new biomarkers, and provide new therapies for those whose medical needs are not satisfied.
    As the industry continues to move forward, it needs to solve the problem of how to implement it, and it has not only stayed on the technical level.
    Wu Bailin suggested that the gene polymorphisms associated with complex diseases has been multi independent research confirms, a mature application of a principle, the need to provide a high quality and standardized inspection report on the interpretation of the results of the subjects, and genetic counseling related to high level, in order to assess the risk and the incidence of the disease may be individual, and to design individual disease prevention and health management program.
    In addition, some industry insiders suggested that we should speed up the improvement of laboratory operation specification, data storage management, etc., and we also need to pay attention to individual gene information, data safety supervision and moral ethics. (source: Economic Reference)
    Source: economic reference


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