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The world's first bioengineered cornea was successfully transplanted in Qingdao-Hangzhou Shenke Medical Instrument Co.,Ltd
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    The world's first bioengineered cornea was successfully transplanted in Qingdao
    Time:2017-12-15 09:45:54    Page view (1046)

    China is one of the most blind countries in the world. Corneal blindness is the second most common cause of blindness after cataract. According to statistics, there are about 4 million corneal blind patients in our country, more than 100,000 new cases are added each year, while less than 5,000 patients are getting surgery each year, accounting for only 2% of the actual needs. Due to the lack of sources of corneal eye bank, patients can only passively wait for donations.
    Ai Yan pupil, this by the Chinese scientists independently developed the world's first bio-engineering cornea, is quietly changing the life of Chinese patients with corneal blindness. Recently, the cornea in the form of charity donations in Shandong Eye Institute Qingdao Eye Hospital landing, the director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Xie Lixin the first case of philanthropic corneal transplantation was performed, the patient was stable.
    Regain the light, a sudden surprise
    Wang Xinyi, a 61-year-old from a small mountain village in Juxian, Rizhao, Shandong province, suffered from a left-eye fungal ulcer and underwent lamellar keratoplasty and became the first patient to receive a charity donation from Bioengineering Ai-xin Tong.
    One day in September of this year, Wang Xinyi, as usual, drove a tractor to the market in the town not far from home. Suddenly the eyes felt uncomfortable on the road. He subconsciously rubbed his hands and turned his eyes red, The next day the eyes swollen up, in the village clinics and county hospitals are registered, with the drug, the condition has deteriorated rapidly.
    Came to Qingdao Eye Hospital, Wang Xinyi's left eye has been a serious ulcer, the cornea to be replaced in time, otherwise the eye is difficult to keep.
    Wang Xinyi's son thought the father could never see the light again, because few people donated the cornea each year, and he did not think that biotech cornea could solve the problem. And in the clinical trial stage, bio-engineering corneal efficiency reached 94.44%, let him dispel concerns, he looked forward to a miracle in his father.
    September 25, Xie Lixin surgeon, performed a bio-engineering corneal charity transplant. After surgery, Xie Lixin said: "The patient also needs a recovery period of time, the cornea will gradually become transparent and the visual acuity will get better and better." Currently, Wang Xinyi has been reviewed three times and his visual acuity has reached 0.3. Wang Xinyi said: "I am very grateful to them. I have no money or nothing. Without them, I am sure they can not be cured or not cured."
    Create blind province, care for the elderly patients
    62-year-old corneal blind patient Li Jinli from Shandong Linyi, is the second case of bioengineering corneal Ai Yan pupil and rehabilitation surgery charity donation patients, in October of this year by Xie Lixin after surgery, but also have seen the light.
    An example of biological engineering cornea charity donation surgery, one after another landing in Shandong, living in the darkness of a corneal blind patients are constantly see the light, see the family happy smile. And all this, all from the "bio-engineering corneal and Fuming surgery charitable donations" charity activities.
    At the end of June this year to the corneal blind patients in Shandong Province donated bioengineering cornea 艾欣 瞳 event, China Regenerative Medicine International Co., Ltd. and employees donated biological engineering corneal Ai Hsiao pupil and part of the cost, Shandong Province Eye Institute for patients free Corneal transplant surgery, charity in Shandong Province to bear other expenses for patients. The three units together so that many of the old patients with corneal blindness in Shandong have been completely free surgical treatment.
    Shandong Province Charity Federation Xie Yutang hope: "strive for three years, up to five years, Shandong Province will be built into China's first corneal blindness blind province." It is reported that in August and September this year, the province's charity union China Regenerative Medicine International, for the revolutionary old areas of Jiangxi, Guizhou, Gansu, Shaanxi and other places were sent 10 to 20 artificial cornea, so that more and more patients with corneal blindness become the beneficiaries of free surgery, open a bright new life.
    Independent research and development + industrialization, so bright again
    This reporter has learned that Ai Yan pupil (acellular corneal stroma) is the world's first and is currently the only gain access to bio-engineering corneal products, is a major breakthrough in the field of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering in China. The product is invested by China Regenerative Medicine International Co., Ltd., which takes more than ten years and is independently developed.
    From 2010 to 2013, Ai-xuan pupil-related clinical trials were conducted with the participation of many well-known domestic ophthalmic hospitals led by Beijing Tongren Hospital, West China Hospital of Sichuan University, Xiehe Hospital of Wuhan and Henan Eye Center. April 22 this year, 艾欣 瞳 access to the State Food and Drug Administration issued a medical device registration certificate. Clinical trial results show that the treatment of corneal ulcer with 艾欣 pupil obvious effect, the total effective rate reached 94.44%, the effect of healing is close to human donated cornea.
    Qingdao Ophthalmology Hospital, Department of Corneal Diseases Zhai Hualei told reporters that Aixin pups drawn from porcine cornea by virus inactivation and acellular processes such as preparation, the main component of collagen. It has a natural corneal collagen fiber structure, removing corneal cells, hybrid proteins, polysaccharides and other antigens, retaining the natural corneal pre-elastic layer and part of the matrix layer. After covering the lesion wound, it can guide the synthesis of matrix collagen and epithelial regeneration, and with the immigration of its own cells, the transplanted cornea is gradually transparent, and the patient's vision is gradually restored.
    "People do not have to wait, do not have immune rejection and save longer than people donate corneas," says Shao Zhengkang, chief executive of China Regenerative Medicine. "We can achieve mass production, and now we have 80,000 units per year, Can be expanded to 300,000 a year. "
    Source: China Science Bulletin


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